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1953 C-Type FIA HTP

1953 C-Type FIA HTP

  • Superb ’tool room copy’ of a 1953 Production Specification C-Type
  • Eligible for Historic Racing
  • One of just two C-Types built by respected race prep workshop Hawker Racing
  • FIA HTP granted in 2017
  • Beautifully detailed throughout
  • Competitive race car which is also user-friendly for the road
  • Eligible for high-profile historic events like the Woodcote or Stirling Moss Trophy

Earlier this year The Old Racing Company sold one of only two superb C-Type Recreations by respected race preparation specialist Hawker Racing. We are delighted to now offer the ‘sister’ car, completed in 2016, and granted FIA HTP papers which run to 2027.

The Jaguar C-Type or XK120-C (competition) was built between 1951 and 1953 and used the running gear from the earlier XK120’s combined with an all-new lightweight tubular space frame chassis. Although predominantly designed as a race car for the likes of Le Mans and the Mille Miglia the C-Type was sold in both race and road going form with just 53 cars ever manufactured from the Coventry factory.

This particular Jaguar C-Type is an exacting tool room copy built in 2016 by the renowned Hawker Racing team, sister company to Hawker Restorations – a fine pedigree being the world leader in Hurricane plane restoration.

Hawker Racing used a 1956 Jaguar XK140 as a doner vehicle thus giving this C-Type the correct 3.4-litre Jaguar XK engine on sand cast SU carburettors with a 4-speed Moss gearbox. Throughout the bespoke build process, every effort was taken to ensure that this recreation was finished accurately. The team had direct access to an original C-Type which they regularly prepared for racing, while many parts were fabricated individually for this car including the tubular frame chassis and the lower control arms which were manufactured from original C-Type drawings.

Due to the attention to detail taken the entire build took three years. The car is now so accurate that FIA HTP papers (historical technical passport) have been granted which are valid until 2027. These documents give the vehicle access to a huge variety of historic motorsport events from racing to hill climbs.

Upon completion, the vehicle was sent to expert Carl Gannon for fine-tuning. Power is estimated at around 245BHP while the C-Type weighs just over 900KG as did the originals. The C-Type was quintessentially the car to drive to the track, race and then drive home. This C-type is enjoyable on the road, the suspension is not overly firm, and the engine is free revving with plenty of low-down torque.

The car is finished in a rare but very period colour, Birch Grey. Just a single driver’s door provides access to the cockpit where the authenticity is continued with the correct Smiths gauges and detailing including the Brooklands aero screens. Even the seats are upholstered in the period-correct corded fabric.

This is one of the finest examples of a C-Type Recreation we have ever offered and having already sold its ‘sister’ recently, this is an unrepeatable opportunity.


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