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1961 E-Type ‘Flat Floor’ Roadster

Introduced in 1961, the E-Type Jaguar caused a sensation when it first appeared, and was famously described by Enzo Ferrari as ’the most beautiful car in the world’. The newcomer’s fabulous lines owed much to that of the racing D-Type, as its designer and aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer used the experience gained with the D-Type to create one of the most elegant and efficient shapes ever to grace a motor car. As in the D-Type, a monocoque tub formed the main structure, while a tubular space frame extended forwards to support the engine, which was the same 3.8-litre, triple-carburettor ‘S’ unit first offered as an option on the preceding XK150. 

As such, in their purest form, the early E-Types are the most sought-after of this long-running and hugely successful model, and the ‘Flat Floor’ is the holy grail of these early cars.

The example offered here has been meticulously restored, and the only modification has been to convert the car from LHD to RHD, but this will be converted back to original, if required and within the price. In superb condition in the original colours of opalescent dark blue with black leather interior, and blue hood this is a particularly desirable example. An original and rare factory hard top is also available to the buyer as an optional extra.


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