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Arriving Soon: Alfa Romeo 6C 2600

Alfa Romeo 6C 2600

  • Superb rebuild to 6C Specification
  • Constructed by marque expert Neil Twyman
  • Original engine replaced by 2.6 litre unit by Setford & Co
  • Excellent condition
  • Original body and 2.3 litre engine included
  • Used on European tours
This stunning Alfa Romeo 6C 2600 was built on a genuine Alfa 6C 2300 chassis from a donor car by marque expert and renowned ‘resurrectionist’ Neil Twyman (the man behind the CEGGA-Ferrari listed here). Having taken delivery and completed several European road trips the owner later commissioned Dan Setford, of Setford and Company and formerly of Jim Stokes, to bespoke build a new more powerful 2.6 litre engine which is in the car currently. The original saloon body and 2.3 litre engine have been preserved for posterity and are included in the sale. £POA

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