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Invicta 4.5 S-Type Low Chassis Recreation

  • Superb Tool room copy of iconic Invicta Low Chassis S-Type
  • Comprises many original S-Type and period correct parts collected over a decade
  • Assembled by Pebble Beach award-winning restorer
  • Rare and desirable and in concours condition
Given the legendary status of the Invicta marque the company had relatively humble beginnings when Capt. Noel Macklin teamed up with his neighbour Oliver Lyle, of Tate and Lyle, to produce their first car from Macklin’s home garage in the Fairmile Road, Egham, Surrey, in 1925.

The Invicta (latin for Unconquered) was conceived as car that combined flexibility, the ability to accelerate from virtual standstill in top gear and sporting performance.

They enjoyed considerable success on and off the track with their 3-litre cars, campaigned enthusiastically by Hon Violette Cordery, Macklin’s sister-in-law, but soon progressed to a 4.5 litre high chassis car. Then in 1930 Invicta launched the car that was to define the marque: the Low Chassis S Type, featuring the 4.5 litre Meadows engine and beautifully rakish coachwork, by Carbodies. Just 78 examples were built, and demand outstripped supply, then as now.

With so few cars built, and perhaps as few as 50-odd car surviving, it is no surprise that in the 1980s the Invicta Car club sanctioned eight tool room copies to be built, by the late Chris Browning. As part of this project Browning built 10 chassis, and it is one of these ‘spare’ chassis that provides the underpinnings of the car offered here. Beautifully and authentically crafted with bronze pieces, as in period, the original chassis were the most expensive produced by Rubery Owen Ltd, for any manufacturer pre war, and notably this included Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Sourcing this chassis was part of a ten-year quest for original S-Type parts with which to build an absolutely correct and authentic replica. Having accumulated a vast collection of original ‘S’ and related period components over a decades the then owner decided to hand the project to the current custodian to realise the dream of building a ‘tool room copy’ S-Type.

The work was carried out by award winning restorers and Pebble Beach regulars RX AutoWorx. In 2018 they won the Pebble Beach Class Award for ‘Most Elegant Enclosed Car’ for their stunning restoration of a 1937 2.9 Alfa Romeo 8C Lungo Berlinetta with Superleggera coachwork by Touring.

The combination of patient and meticulous detective work, to unearth so many original and period correct parts, and the expertise of an award-winning Pebble Beach restorer has produced one of the very best Invicta 4.5 Litre Low Chassis Recreations to come onto the market. As such this represents a very rare opportunity to acquire a car with is indistinguishable from an original and for a fraction of the price.


Please call for full details and specification sheet with detail photos and inventory of original parts.


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