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It all started with a Lindner Nocker Low Drag E-Type that I was looking to sell. I was lured by a mouth-watering photo of an XKSS, on the ORC website. Roy ‘moved on’ the Low Drag at the sort of speed one would expect of it, and then I had to man up and purchase the XKSS. He put an irresistible deal on the table and I took over what was a jewel of a car. A series of weekly telephone calls followed and soon developed into a ‘Whats What’ of classics for sale and as a result I acquired ORC’s Lister Jaguar, one of the four Sanction cars that Brian Lister built. After a while I was tempted into selling the XKSS, as ORC had a buyer in the wings, and I was happily smooth talked into what proved to be a very good deal. The Lister followed suit shortly afterwards. To me, Roy is more than a broker. He and I have frequently talked cars that we might acquire, on an unending to and fro of telephone calls.
Always friendly, very knowledgeable and someone to do business with.
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